The final exam

The master’s degree in Computer Science is achieved by passing a final exam consisting in the discussion of a thesis with original content, prepared by the student under the supervision of one or more supervisors.
The thesis must relate to an innovative topic or project, carried out independently.
It will also have to document the innovative results obtained as well as the links of the work carried out with the state of knowledge in the field of science and information technology.
The development of the thesis allows the graduate to acquire further knowledge that will allow him an adequate insertion into the world of work, and possibly also the continuation of the training course in a research doctorate.

Notice board of available thesis topics

Procedures and deadlines


Commission and Undergraduate Boards


  • Application for graduation
    • Form to be submitted to the Secretariat of Computer Science Courses (.doc, .pdf)
    • To submit your application, in web mode, refer to the Alice website: Alice
  • Thesis evaluation
    • The supervisor and the referee are required to complete the evaluation using the following form (.doc, .pdf) which also contains a number of comments to be made known to the candidate.
      The supervisor will give the nominee such comments.
    • The supervisor ‘s assessment must be returned to the Secretariat, at least 15 days before the graduation.
    • The evaluation of the referee must be returned to the Secretariat, at least 7 days before the degree.