Counseling service

A new welcoming service offered by the Department of Computer Science.

The University pathway is an important period for personal growth, rich in experiences and opportunities. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself in situations of impasse that generate phenomena such as fear of exams, difficulty in carrying out your program of study, exams and industrial placements.

To build an effective network of interventions targeted to the needs of its student population, the Department supports and promotes the activation of the “Counceling service”, a project to improve the quality of services offered and the university experience for students enrolled in the Bachelor and Master programmes in Computer Science.

The Counseling service is intended as an opportunity made ??available to students, which are accompanied and supported during their education by tutors with expertise in counseling, facilitating the relationship between them and the University. The aim is to provide a friendly space for listening and support to understand and identify the needs of the students, and enabling organizational strategies to prevent and resolve difficulties that may arise.


Students enrolled in an undergraduate program and the master’s Computer Science Department, can communicate with the counselor by mail to: