Lifelong learning

Active Training Internship (TFA)

In the academic year 2013/14 the Department will activate an Active Training Internship (TFA) for high school educators of the class A042 (Informatics). The training will be delivered in part remotely and partly through direct teaching and group work.

One year University masters

In the next academic year 2014/15, the Department will activate two “profession oriented” masters, aimed at graduates and professionals already working in the field of Information and Communication Technology who wish to acquire new skills or retrain.

In order to achieve a I level master, the student must have attained at least sixty credits and not more than eighty, in addition to those acquired for a first level university degree. To achieve the second level master, at least sixty credits are required in addition to those acquired in order to achieve a University second level degree and bachelor’s degree preparatory to it.