Job Placement

The University of Pisa provides various services related to Job Placement:

  • Maintenance of the graduate database (CV of graduates in the last 12 months available to companies)
  • Publication of job offers
  • Organization of meeting days between companies and students
  • Statistics on the employment of graduates

All these services can be accessed through the university portal, at:

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The Department of Computer Science maintains a newsletter to plublicize information on Job Placement activities and job offers in the ICT field.

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Subscribe to the new Unipi graduate portal

The new portal for Unipi graduates is active (, an ideal meeting point between those who are part of the community of the University of Pisa and those who have been part of it in the past. Linked to it is the Alumni newsletter, which every month will inform subscribers about the main events of the University, will focus on career service and mentoring, training and continuing education activities and will give voice to the most interesting stories of our graduates.

You can subscribe to the “Alumni” newsletter using the form and visit the portal.