The internship is a period of training at a company or an institution that allows you to create moments of alternation between study and work within the training processes, offering the student a direct experience of the world of work.

Non-curricular internships

  • they are aimed at recent graduates who have obtained their educational qualifications for no more than 12 months;
  • their administrative management is the responsibility of the University’s “Didactic Department and Student Services”;
  • for more information see the page “Tirocini non curriculari”

Curricular internships

  • are aimed at students enrolled in degree courses, masters and research doctorates;
  • they are included in the study plans and take place within the course attendance period; even if not directly depending on the recognition of university training credits. Therefore, the internships aimed at carrying out the thesis are therefore curricular;
  • are regulated, with regard to access requirements, duration, and eventual recognition of university credits, by the regulations of the single degree courses, as well as by the University regulations, in compliance with the relevant national legislation (of 25 March 1998, no. 142);