English B2 certification

Students who apply for admission to the Master’s Degree Course in Computer Science must upload a B2 level certificate of knowledge of the English language to the admissionelm portal, or a self-certification following the form on the form.
In the event of an admission application entered during the online bachelor’s degree application stage, course changeover or university transfer, the form must be sent to anna.spicciani@unipi.it via their institutional email address (username@studenti.unipi .it).

ATTENTION: For 2021/22, the CLI offers free online courses of 20 hours for the second semester in preparation for the B2 English proficiency test:

https://www.cli.unipi.it/idoneita-di-ateneo/corsi-in-preparazione-alla-prova-di-idoneita-di- inglese-di-livello-b2

Registrations will open on 21 February at 9.00.
The start of the courses is set for the week of March 7, 2022 .