Study plans

  1. Students enrolled in the Laurea in Informatica (LM-18) in a.y. 2017/2018 must NOT submit any study plan. When enrolling for the first year, the student chooses one of the curriculum and follows the planned study plan. If the 9 CFU of “FREE CHOICE” courses are NOT selected in the “AFFINI” list provided by the curriculum, the student must be authorized by the Study Council. This request for authorization must be sent, fill in the following FORM according to the curriculum chosen: KD.doc, AI.doc, SW.doc, ICT.doc, to, which will instruct the practice.
  2. The already approved plans of the students enrolled in a.y. 2016/217 and above, remain valid if they are fully respected. They can be modified, changing one or more complementary or free choice exams, without making any queries, provided that the new study path respects their regulations. Recognition, for the completion of the course, of additional examinations or free choice other than those provided for in its regulations, must be authorized by the Council of Course of Studies. The application for authorization (complete with all the lessons that the student has followed or / and wishes to follow) must be sent, fill this FORM, to that will teach the practice.

Students participating in the Erasmus project and students who have applied for a transfer from another course of study, or abbreviations or reunification of careers should contact  to present or modify their proposed plan of study.

Each student in order to graduate must have passed all the exams of the courses listed in the last study plan that has been approved.

For more information send email to: