Delivery of the Thesis

According to the Art. 1 paragraph 3 of the REGULATION FOR ELECTRONIC THESES (D.R. No. 14044 of 10 March 1016 Issue of Regulation): The Master’s, Specialization and Doctorate theses must be from their very beginning in a digital form and be inserted into the electronic and institutional archive of the University for open access theses, which will guarantee their conservation and public consultation. This is known as the Electronic Theses and Dissertations system (ETD System).

For specialist, Master’s and degrees of the old Italian graduation system, at least 15 days before the date set for the graduation exam (15 actual days, without considering possible referrals caused by national holidays), students must consign to the Secretariat, together with the university record booklet, the electronic title page of the thesis signed by all the supervisors for the creation of the “title page”, consult the Help section on the thesis presentation process)

Co-supervisors are not required to sign the title page.
When the supervisor is asked to sign the electronic front page, the thesis must have already taken on a definitive form or, in any case, such as to be considered suitable for discussion during the graduation exam session.
It is advisable, therefore, that at the same time as the signing of the thesis by the supervisor, the student shows their work to the supervisor, so that the supervisor can verify both the content and that the document has been uploaded correctly.

ATTENTION: Access to the thesis is allowed (specialist degree thesis, Master’s and old graduation system) up until 6 days before the date of the graduation exam. The exact deadline is highlighted in red after the creation of the title page.

For more information on the ETD System-database of theses and electronic academic dissertations visit the site: