Study plan


Study plan has to be presented by the students before summer holidays of the first academic year.


The study plan has to be submitted via email to the president of the master degree and CC to teaching secretary office (addresses stefano dot giordano, marco dot danelutto and rosaria dot mongini at unipi dot it) filling this Form.

The rules to complete the study plans may be summarized as follow (see also this slides).

Students must choose:

  • exams for a total of 9 credits in the group A of “insegnamenti affini” (see the list of exams in the group A below)
  • exams for a total of 6 credits in the group C of “insegnamenti caratterizzanti” (see the list of exams in the group C below)
  • exams for a total of 9 credits as “free choice” (any exam given at the Univ. of Pisa, usually also taken from either group A or C)

Students are free to present a study plan not obeying these rules, but the study plan has to be approved. The study plans respecting the rules above will be automatically approved, instead.


Students may consider including in the study plan the exams listed in the form in Bold in the tabs named GroupA and GroupC. This year we have run the presentation of the non mandatory courses on June 16th, on teams. Recording of the session is available through this link.

The following material is relative to the Study plans for students enrolled in 2019-2020. The following LINK will point to the material presented at the meeting given on June 16th.

The exams to use to fill the study plan this year include:


In Group-C (“Caratterizzanti”) the exams (code, name, credits):

289AA Information retrieval 6
534AA Distributed enabling platforms 6
303AA ICT Risk assessment 9
535AA Programming tools for parallel and distributed systems 6
764AA Data center design and operation lab 6
556ZW Survey in preparation of the thesis 3


In Group-A (“Affini”) the exams:

145II Packet switching and processing architectures 6
571AA Parallel Scientific Computing 6
581II Routing archictectures and protocols lab 6
714AA Language-based technology for security 9
261AA Peer to peer systems and blockchains 6
556ZW Survey in preparation of the thesis 3
375AA Principles of software composition 9
646II Wireless networks of embedded systems 6