Timetable Master Computer Science and Networking

Timetable Master in Computer Science and Networking

II semester 2019/2020

WARNING: the timetable is still subject to variations; students are requested to check it daily

GOA timetable

Orario di WTW-LM: Informatica e networking
Dipartimento di Informatica
ICT risk assessment9FABRIZIO BAIARDI14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib N1
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib N1
9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib N1
Networking architectures, components and services9MICHELE PAGANO9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib X1
9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib X2
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib X1
Networks and technologies for telecommunications9BARBARA MARTINI14:00‑16:00 Aula White
14:00‑16:00 Aula White
14:00‑16:00 Aula White
Packet switching and processing architectures6GREGORIO PROCISSI9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib X1
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib X2
Parallel and Distributed Systems: paradigms and models9MARCO DANELUTTO9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib N1
16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib N1
16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib L1
Peer to Peer Systems and Blockchains6LAURA EMILIA MARIA RICCI11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib N1
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib L1
Security methods and verification6CHIARA BODEI11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib N1
9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib N1
Wireless networks9ROSARIO GIUSEPPE GARROPPO9:00‑12:00 Aula Fib X2
16:00‑19:00 Aula Fib X3
Wireless networks of embedded systems6PAOLO PAGANO9:00‑11:00 Aula White
11:00‑13:00 Aula White

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