Orario Magistrale Informatica e Networking

I semester 2021-2022

All the lessons of the semester will be delivered “in person”, with possible shifts of the students enrolled to ensure compliance with the rules on social distancing. In particular, there is a mechanism for enrolling students for attendance “in presence”, and an App is being prepared through which, every two weeks, each student will be able to declare which courses he intends to follow “in presence” in the following two weeks. .

In any case, the remote usability of each lesson carried out “in person” will be ensured, through live streaming or recording of the lesson held in the classroom, which will be made available on the telematic platforms made available by the University.

WARNING: the timetable is still subject to variations; students are requested to check it daily.


Prof. Davide Adami informs the students who will follow Roting Architetcures and rotocols Lab (LPA)  that the lessons will start on September 20th. Students who have included this course in their study plan are invited to contact Prof. Adami by email at d.adami@iet.unipi.it

The lessons of the “Advanced software engineering” (Antonio Brogi/Stefano Forti) will start on Tuesday 28 September.

The “Digital Communication” teaching start in the week from September 27th to October 1st. The lessons of the module of prof. Luise begin Monday 27 September at 3.00 pm in room C01 at Polo di Ingegneria; the lessons of the module of prof. Sangiunetti begin on Thursday 30th at Polo Fibonacci.


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Orario di WTW-LM: Informatica e networking
Dipartimento di Informatica
Advanced programming9ANDREA CORRADINI9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib L1
9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib A1
16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib L1
Advanced software engineering9ANTONIO BROGI16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib M1
16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib H-Lab
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib A1
eccetto 21/9/2021 14:15-16:00 in Fib H-Lab
eccetto 24/9/2021 11:00-12:45 in Fib A1
Algorithm engineering9PAOLO FERRAGINA9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib A1
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib L1
9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib A1
Business process modeling6ROBERTO BRUNI16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib C1
16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib M1
Digital Communications12LUCA SANGUINETTI9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib L1
14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib M1
High Performance Computing9GABRIELE MENCAGLI11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib M1
14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib M1
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib L1
Information retrieval6PAOLO FERRAGINA11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib A1
9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib A1
Parallel scientific computing6LUCA GEMIGNANI9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib M1
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib M1
Routing Architectures and Protocols Lab6DAVIDE ADAMI16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib M1
14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib I-Lab

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