Orario Magistrale Informatica e Networking

I semester 2023-2024

All the lessons of the semester will be delivered “in person”.

There is a mechanism for enrolling students for attendance “in presence”, through the App “Didactic Agenda” with which each student can declare which courses he intends to follow.


  • The lessons of the “Advanced software engineering” (Antonio Brogi) will start on Wednesday 27 September.
  • The lessons of the “Advanced programming” (Andrea Corradini) will start on Tuesday 19 September.
  • The lessons of the “Parallel Scientific Computing” (Luca Gemignani) will start on Monday 25 September.
  • The lessons of the “Fundamentals of Signals and Systems-Digital Communications” (Vincenzo Lottici) will start on Thursday 28 September (lectures will be held in Laboratory Room A 104 of the Department of Information Engineering, Via Caruso 16, Pisa).

WARNING: the timetable is still subject to variations; students are requested to check it daily.