Exam schedule

September 2021 exams

Compatibly with the availability of adequate spaces, some of the courses will carry out their September exams “in presence” (in this case, it is mandatory to have the green pass), while others “at distance”.

In any case, all information will be specified on the page of the individual courses on the esami.unipi.it portal. (In case of lack of information, please contact the reference teacher).

At the following link you can access a prospectus that summarizes the procedures for carrying out the September exams for each course (grouped by course of study):

September 2021 appeal prospectus (use University credentials) – click here for the downloadable version

NOTE: for exams that require “presence”, the student can request to have it “remotely”.

Exam registration

The management of the exam appeals has been transferred to the

University Exams Portal

which implements the following functions:

  • the calendar of the exams of the degree course;
  • the service for completing the course evaluation questionnaire;
  • the registration service for exams.

Students are advised that the completion of the assessment questionnaires on the courses is mandatory and a prerequisite for being able to enroll for the exam.

ATTENTION: it is STRICT to register within 5 days from the date of the appeal.

Students are invited to cancel their registration within 5 days, in case they no longer wish to participate in the exam session.

Students are invited to refer to what is reported in the “Guide for the student exams, graduations and final tests at the time of Covid-19”.