Important Dates

  • period of application: from 15 December 2022 to 28 February 2023 (for non E.U. citizens residing abroad, UNIPI scholarships available)
  • deadline for pre-enrollment at the Embassy/Consulate: to be verified by the students
  • deadline for enrollment: September 30th, 2023 (late enrollment by December 31th, 2023)
  • beginning of semester: mid-September, 2023

About enrollment

The University of Pisa

The University of Pisa, founded in 1343, is amongst the top institutions in the main international rankings. According to the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2020 the University of Pisa is ranked between 151st and 200th in the world and 4th in Italy. According to the QS World University Ranking 2021, the University of Pisa ranks 383rd worldwide and 4th in Italy.

Degree programs taught in English

The master’s degree programs offered by the Computer Science Department require a solid background, high motivation, and hard working attitude.

In addition to a first-level Bachelor’s degree, applicants must have a good knowledge of English (intermediate level, B2 Level in the European Framework for foreign languages).

Attendance at courses is not mandatory. Part-time students, however, experience lower success rates in exams and longer time to graduate. We greatly recommend students to regularly attend lectures and to successfully complete the courses each semester.

Our graduates are highly sought after in the job market. This is the reward for their commitment and motivation.

  • Computer Science and Networking: Applicants must possess a first-level Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or Computer Engineering, or Telecommunication Engineering, or equivalent qualification degrees subject to be verified by the admission jury.
  • Computer Science: Concept abstraction, problem solving, formal modelling, mathematical reasoning and main concepts on computer programming are essential characteristics that you should possess.
  • Data Science and Business Informatics: Concept abstraction, problem solving, formal modeling, mathematical reasoning, and basic concepts on computer programming and databases are essential characteristics that you should possess.

Financial support and further information

The annual fee for an international student depends on the nationality.

Detailed information can be read on the MATRICOLANDOSI site and on the FINANCIAL SUPPORT pages.

Anyway, for most international students the amount is not very relevant with respect to the living costs.

  • For applications submitted before February 28th 2023, the University of Pisa offers 24 scholarships to the top twentyfour international students among all degrees. Each scholarship will consist of:
    • First year of course: 6.500 euros net and exemption from University fees
    • Second year of course for Master Degree: 8.000 euros net and a reduction of 50% of the University fees if the student has obtained at least 36 ECTS with an average grade of at least 25/30

    More info at UNIPI SCHOLARSHIP

  • DSU, the Tuscan regional board for the right to university education, provides scholarships including free accommodation and meals. Beware the scholarships are often assigned after the beginning of the first semester and sometimes towards its end. Please, notice that the board is independent from the university and our offices do not provide support to prepare the application. More info DSU scholarship
  • Our master’s degrees are part of the “Invest your Talent in Italy” scholarship programme which is aimed at supporting students coming from the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Colombia, South Corea, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Mexico, People’s Republic of China, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam. Scholarships are awarded to students accepted by the Master’s degree programme and are funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI). For application visit:

See the students section of the University of Pisa website for information on University fees, student facilities, Italian educational system and much more.

See the welcome and support section for information useful to incoming foreign students.


  • A Selection Committee will evaluate the applicant’s background, education and motivation to assess their potential skills and attitude to attend the programme. Selection of applicants will be based upon the assessment of all the submitted documents and a Skype interview. As a result a ranked list of admitted students is produced.
  • To submit your application, access the portal:

  • INTERVIEWS: After a first selection phase based on the candidate former academic career, a subset of candidates are invited to participate in an interview (in English) with the Selection Committee.  The candidates selected must take part in the interview (held via Skype or any other means) where the Selection Committee assesses the technical/scientific skills and the level of the English language of the candidates. The interview date will be communicated to the candidate by the Committee well in advance. Failure to set a date or no-show at the interview will result in rejection of the application.
  • RESULTS: After the interview, the selected candidates will be contacted and they have to confirm their intent to pre-enroll.
  • PRE-ENROLLMENT AND VISA: Upon confirmation of their intent to pre-enroll, the admitted candidates will receive a formal admission letter by email. The letter has to be attached to the pre-enrollment documentation to submit to the Italian Embassy/Consulate, and to apply for a Student Visa. Full information on pre-enrollment and enrollment is available on this page. The Visa procedure might take several weeks depending on the Italian Embassy/Consulates, they however all require the intent to leave upon completion of the course as well as the proof of adequate economic means and accommodation.

  • Admitted students must inform the Selection Committee of their final Student Visa status by sending an email to


  • E.U./E.E.A./Swiss citizens or non E.U. citizens with a Residency Permit in Italy (permesso di soggiorno) can enroll without limitation in number, provided that they satisfy the academic requirements for admission. To submit your application you have to register though the portal (ATTENTION: properly indicate citizineship as Italian using the citizienship field menu entries, during the registration):
  • After a positive answer, students can register to the Alice portal and then enroll by following the procedures at this page.

SUMMARY OF IMPORTANT DATES for E.U./E.E.A./Swiss citizens or non E.U. citizens with a residency permit in Italy:

  • deadline for enrollment: December 31th, 2023 
  • beginning of semester: mid-September, 2023 (to be confirmed)