Study plans

This page reports deadlines and modalities for presenting and for modifying the study plan.

Deadlines for presenting and for modifying study plans

1. All students enrolled in the Master Degree in Data Science and Business Informatics shall submit their study plan for approval by the board of study program (Consiglio di Corso di Studi).
2. Students enrolled for the first time shall present the study plan within one month from formal enrollment.
3. Students enrolled for A.Y. “N”/”N+1” can submit changes to the study plan during the period from 1 September of year “N” to 31 January of year “N+1”. Approved changes will be in force starting from A.Y. “N”/”N+1”. The student will be able to get the degree no earlier than June of the year “N+1”.

Exceptions to those deadlines and conditions are admitted for students participating in international mobility programs (ERASMUS, double degree, etc.).

How to submit your study plan

Send an email with a study plan proposal that follows the study plan rules of the Master Degree to the Study Plan Commission (prof. Ruggieri, asking for a meeting for discussing the proposal.

How to change your study plan

Ask to the Study Plan Commission (prof. Ruggieri, for a meeting to propose motivated changes.