Timetable Master in Data Science & Business Informatics


  • the lessons of the teaching of “Statistical methods for data science” (S. Ruggieri) will begin on February 25, 2020
  • the lessons of the teaching of “Social network analysis” (D. Pedreschi/G. Rossetti) wil begin on February 24, 2020
  • the lessons of the teaching of “Programming for data science” (G. Prencipe/G. Rossetti)  wil begin on February 27, 2020


  • as regards the laboratory activities of the “Algorithmic and Laboratory” course, students must follow the lessons held by Rossano Venturini (class B) on Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm (room Fib I-lab).
  • As regards the theory lessons of the same course, and as regards the “Databases” and “Software Engineering” courses, students are free to follow course A or course B according to the timetable of the courses they attend.

Orario di WDS-LM: Data science and business informatics
Dipartimento di Informatica
Advanced databases9GIORGIO GHELLI11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib L1
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib L1
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib C1
Algoritmica e laboratorio - A12LINDA PAGLI11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib E
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib H-Lab
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib I-Lab
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib M-Lab
16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib E
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib E
Algoritmica e laboratorio - B12NADIA PISANTI9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib E
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib H-Lab
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib I-Lab
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib M-Lab
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib E
9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib E
Analisi e gestione dei costi9RICCARDO GIANNETTI10:30‑12:00 Aula Eco 3
10:30‑12:00 Aula Pia A1
10:30‑12:00 Aula Eco 3
Basi di dati - A6GIORGIO GHELLI16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib C
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib C
Basi di dati - B6GIOVANNA ROSONE16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib C
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib A1
eccetto 25/2/2020 16:00-18:00 in Fib C
eccetto 26/2/2020 14:00-16:00 in Fib A1
lezione 6/3/2020 14:00-16:00 in Fib C
lezione 26/3/2020 14:00-16:00 in Fib L1
lezione 20/3/2020 14:00-16:00 in Fib A1
Data mining12DINO PEDRESCHI9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib C
16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib C1
Decisioni in Situazioni di Complessita e Conflitto6LAURA GALLI14:15‑15:45 Aula Pia H2
16:00‑17:30 Aula Pia H2
Economia e gestione delle imprese - B9ANTONELLA ANGELINI12:15‑13:45 Aula Eco C
10:30‑12:00 Aula Eco 5
10:30‑12:00 Aula Eco C
Ingegneria del software - A6ROBERTA GORI9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib C
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib A1
Ingegneria del software - B6LAURA SEMINI9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib D2
9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib C
Model-driven decision-making methods6ANTONIO FRANGIONI9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib N1
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib M1
Organizzazione aziendale - A9MARIA ZIFARO12:15‑13:45 Aula Eco C
14:00‑15:30 Aula Eco 5
15:45‑17:15 Aula Eco 5
Programming for data science12GIUSEPPE PRENCIPE9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib L1
9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib L1
Social network analysis6DINO PEDRESCHI11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib C1
11:00‑13:00 Aula Fib A1
Statistical methods for data science6SALVATORE RUGGIERI16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib L1
9:00‑11:00 Aula Fib A1
Technologies for web marketing6SALVATORE RUGGIERI14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib M1
14:00‑16:00 Aula Fib C1
Visual Analytics6SALVATORE RINZIVILLO16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib L1
16:00‑18:00 Aula Fib C1

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