Timetable Master in Data Science & Business Informatics

I semester 2021-2022

All the lessons of the semester will be delivered “in person”, with possible shifts of the students enrolled to ensure compliance with the rules on social distancing. In particular, there is a mechanism for enrolling students for attendance “in presence”, and an App is being prepared through which, every two weeks, each student will be able to declare which courses he intends to follow “in presence” in the following two weeks. .

In any case, the remote usability of each lesson carried out “in person” will be ensured, through live streaming or recording of the lesson held in the classroom, which will be made available on the telematic platforms made available by the University.

WARNING: the timetable is still subject to variations; students are requested to check it daily.

The lessons of the “Laboratory of Data Science “ (Anna Monreale) will start on Thursday 16 September.
The lessons of the “Data Mining – modulo: Data mining: fundamentals” (Dino Predreschi/Mirco Nanni) will start on Thursday 16 September.
Due to technical problems, the channel for the “Programming for Data Science” course has not yet been created, and for the moment the channel with code 87agpt8 and the name “Ricevimento Studenti – Laura Semini” will be used. To find the classroom starting from the code, you can follow “join a team or create one” on the “Team” page of MS Team, or you can follow this link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3afe011e35e45b40529ceefc4e047c8217%40thread.tacv2/Generale?groupId=080da78c-91e9-45d8-adaa-fb722c9c3d24&tenantId147-52506b31-a47-52-a47-52

Timetable of the courses in Tab. 2.4 (rules) can be found at: Timetable of Economics Department (in particular the Bachelor of Science in Management for Business and Economics) and Timetable of Master degree in Computer Science. (As regards the theory lessons of the same course, and as regards the “Ricerca Operativa”  courses, students are free to follow course A or course B according to the timetable of the courses they attend).


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Orario di WDS-LM: Data science and business informatics
Dipartimento di Informatica
Big data analytics6LUCA PAPPALARDO9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib M1
9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib C1
Business process modeling6ROBERTO BRUNI16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib C1
16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib M1
Data mining12RICCARDO GUIDOTTI11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib C
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib A1
Decision support databases6SALVATORE RUGGIERI9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib M1
16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib C
Distributed Data Analysis and Mining6ROBERTO TRASARTI14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib C1
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib M1
Information retrieval6PAOLO FERRAGINA11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib A1
9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib A1
Laboratorio di basi di dati6GIOVANNA ROSONE14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib H-Lab
14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib H-Lab
eccetto 27/10/2021 14:15-16:00 in Fib H-Lab
eccetto 28/10/2021 14:15-16:00 in Fib H-Lab
Laboratory of data science6ANNA MONREALE11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib H-Lab
9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib H-Lab
Logistics6MARIA GRAZIA SCUTELLA'16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib L1
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib L1
Machine learning9ALESSIO MICHELI16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib C
16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib C
14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib A1
Pianificazione e controllo gestionale9LUCIANO MARCHI12:15‑13:45 Aula Eco C
14:00‑15:30 Aula Eco C
14:00‑15:30 Aula Eco C
Programmatic advertising6NICOLA CIARAMELLA16:15‑18:00 Aula Fib A1
14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib L1
Programming for data science12LAURA SEMINI11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib H-Lab
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib H-Lab
Project design & management for data science6FILIPPO CHIARELLO14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib C
14:15‑16:00 Aula Fib L1
Ricerca operativa - A6MAURO PASSACANTANDO9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib C
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib A1
Ricerca operativa - B6GIANCARLO BIGI11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib C
9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib C
eccetto 28/10/2021 09:00-10:45 in Fib C
lezione 28/10/2021 11:00-12:45 in Fib C
Text analytics6ANDREA ESULI9:00‑10:45 Aula Fib C
11:00‑12:45 Aula Fib M1

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