Timetable Master in Data Science & Business Informatics

I semester 2021-2022

All the lessons of the semester will be delivered “in person”, with possible shifts of the students enrolled to ensure compliance with the rules on social distancing. In particular, there is a mechanism for enrolling students for attendance “in presence”, and an App is being prepared through which, every two weeks, each student will be able to declare which courses he intends to follow “in presence” in the following two weeks. .

In any case, the remote usability of each lesson carried out “in person” will be ensured, through live streaming or recording of the lesson held in the classroom, which will be made available on the telematic platforms made available by the University.

How to find your virtual room

Have a look at the table below; then:
1) connect to https://esami.unipi.it
2) click on “On line lessons” and then on “Search”
3) look for your course (by the last name of the teacher or by course title)
4) if you can find your course, click on its title, and a popup will appear, giving you all details about the course (including link to the virtual room)

If you cannot find your course, please write an email to the teacher.


The timetable will be published as soon as possible.