Data Science and Business Informatics Master Degree

Class: LM-18 Computer Science, LM-DATA Data Science
Department: Computer Science
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The two year graduate program in Data Science and Business Informatics has been designed to meet the growing demand for professionals with an interdisciplinary skill both in informatics and in business to satisfy the increasing demand by companies to compete using analytics methods. The graduate program is focused on Data Science and Business Intelligence techniques to support decision making. The interdisciplinary competence covered by the master degree program is intended to overcome the cultural divide between IT and management. In fact, as reported by several studies and publications, there is a shortage of trained professionals who can integrate the various skills and approaches necessary to overcome the traditional distrust of management in involving computer professionals in decision-making. Our graduates are highly sought after in the job market. Statistics show that not only 100% of graduates are hired within one year from graduation, but also that they are assigned a responsibility role.

The Programme is taught in English. A few optional courses are taught in Italian.

Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a first cycle degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or a degree with at least 40 ECTS credits in the following areas: Management, Economics, Informatics, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics. Applicants must also be fluent in English, e.g.,~holding a certificate at level B2 or higher of CEFR or an equivalent other certificate.There are quotas on the number of extra-UE students that can enroll. Pre-applications will undergo a selection process. Information on how to apply for the Master Programme can be found at the enrollment of foreign students web page.

The Master course in Data Science and Business Informatics is an inter-class course between LM-18 (Computer Science) and LM-DATA (Data Science). The class has no impact on the study plan, as in our Master course the two sets of skills are indivisible, and are acquired independently of the degree class of enrolment. Nonetheless, according to the law, students must indicate at the time of enrolment which of the two classes they intend to enrol in; the indication can then be changed, but only until enrolment in the second year. The choice is relevant for the purposes of access to professional orders, as only graduates of class LM-18 (Computer Science) can enrol, subject to passing an exam, in the Italian professional order of Computer Engineers.

At enrolment time, unless explicitly chosen by the student, the degree class is LM-18 (Computer Science). Students who intend to change the class to LM-DATA, within the first year, can do so by filling in the form available at

and sending it to the Students’ Office (Rosaria Mongini <>).

Study plan rules

Study plan rules and further information is available in the Study plan section.