A Selection Committee will evaluate the applicant’s background, education and motivation to assess their potential skills and attitude to attend the programme. Selection of applicants will be based upon the assessment of all the submitted documents and a Skype interview. As a result a ranked list of admitted students is produced.


To submit your application, access the portal:

INTERVIEWS: After a first selection phase based on the candidate former academic career, a subset of candidates are invited to participate in an interview (in English) with the Selection Committee. The candidates selected must take part in the interview (held via Skype or any other means) where the Selection Committee assesses the technical/scientific skills and the level of the English language of the candidates. The interview date will be communicated to the candidate by the Committee well in advance. Failure to set a date or no-show at the interview will result in rejection of the application.

RESULTS: After the interview, the selected candidates will be contacted and they have to confirm their intent to pre-enroll.

PRE-ENROLLMENT AND VISA: Upon confirmation of their intent to pre-enroll, the admitted candidates will receive a formal admission letter by email. The letter has to be attached to the pre-enrollment documentation to submit to the Italian Embassy/Consulate, and to apply for a Student Visa. Full information on pre-enrollment and enrollment is available on this page. The Visa procedure might take several weeks depending on the Italian Embassy/Consulates, they however all require the intent to leave upon completion of the course as well as the proof of adequate economic means and accommodation.

Admitted students must inform the Selection Committee of their final Student Visa status by sending an email to .