Partition of students on courses

First level degree in Computer science

Splitting into parallel courses valid for new ENROLLMENTS

From the 2020-21 academic year, freshmen are divided into three parallel courses

COURSE A: students with “student code” last digit 0, 2, 4, 6
COURSE B: students with “student code” last digit 1, 3, 5
COURSE C: students with “student code” last digit 7, 8, 9

In the second year the division remains as before (A even and B odd).

Rules for those enrolled in years after the first

Students enrolled in years subsequent to the first remain in the previous year’s course.

Rules for course changes

It is possible to request a change of course by sending a request, by email, to the Didactic Unit at the address, no later than 7 October.

Only questions that do not alter the numerical consistency of the courses will be accepted, (it is therefore advisable to submit combined questions in passing between two students who ask to exchange the course and who have taken the same fundamental exams).

Those who obtain the change of course will be notified by email.