Master programme in Computer Science and Networking

The 2-year Master Programme in Computer Science and Networking (entirely given in English) has been designed to meet the growing demand for an emerging kind of professionals with high-level expertise in both a) computer and information science and technologies, and b) communication networking science and technologies.
This expertise is needed in the design and implementation of both innovative software-hardware distributed infrastructures and service-based distributed applications in several areas of industry, e-business, research, social and citizen services, public administration. From Academic Year 2019-2020 the Master Programme in Computer Science and Networking is run exclusively by the University of Pisa.

Call for applications of non EU students for the next Academic Year (2020-2021) is open now, and  the applications can be made through the university portal.

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Beginning lessons A.Y. 2018-2019

Lessons begin on Monday, February 18th. Here the timetable of: For students attending “Networking architectures, components and services” (prof.…


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